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Talk to Lemma and remove the bra from the gargoyle on the wall by the exit.

Secondhand Dreams

Then greet Erin. Tell her that you will hook her up with Lemma. As soon as the acquaintance takes place, go to the Darkroom. After a wet adventure, Larry will be arrested by the police. Spending time behind bars, cheerful Larry will meet a girl from the club, Anu Singh. Get to know your cellmate Tuck. Click on the light from the barred window making Larry pick up the whistle, and take the plunger to the left of the mirror.

Take the string of lights and the perfume. Tell the guard who appeared in the window that Tuck is insisting on a cavity search. Connect it to the plunger and the string of lights, and then use it to reach the PiPhone in the safe.

Contact Dick, and he will bail Larry out. Talk to Tuck in the barred window he will tell you about the secret tunnels under New Lost Wages and give you a mirror with an inscription. Exchange the certificate for Doom Perignon champagne with the bartender and take the flyer. Pick up the dismembered arm for fisting in the VIP area doors and take an inflatable woman from the stage and tape it with a band aid.

Use the plunger on the fountain to get a ring out of it. Go upstairs. Now, while Erin is absent, take the trimmer and rip the strawberry penis out of the pot, and don't forget to grab the custom rubber female sexual organ from the package and read Erin's letter. Go to Salon du Lazard and offer the trimmer to the hipsters. Check out the new messages in Timber.

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Now return to the laundry and get into the secret tunnel through the washing machine. Talk to Tuck and pick up the poster of Lady Gag. Try to warm up your relationship with Anu. Tell her you know BJ and that you have found his smartphone.

Second-Hand Dreams

The girl will give Larry a flash drive. Click the rubber organ that Erin gave you on the ink pad. Now use it as a stamp to seal the stripper contract, which is also in the inventory. Then return to the bar. Go outside and trim the bush with the trimmer and a junction box will appear. It's time to go to Pier 69 and greet the Smoking Indian.

He will give you a tin foil. Give the stripper contract to Prune staff. Now you are not just a stripper-intern, but a Prune Corporation Stripper-Intern and you can easily move around the floors and use the PrunePal app. Pick up the balloons on the street next to the building and use them to inflate the rubber woman. Use the elevator and meet the IT engineer Nari. Make her coffee using the coffee machine and then move upstairs to Prune Laboratory.

Give her the thermomug with cold sushi and pull the lever of the quality control machine. Then wrap Pi in the chain bra and pull the lever again. Now Pi is free from her misery. Configure the assistant software and collect the portable battery. Report to Nari on the work done. She will ask to bring her Treasure Loot Terry. A hatch will open. Stand on the platform. You will be taken to the location from the starting scene with a corpse to the left.

Take the remote control from it. Take a pencil from the locker. Batteries can also be spotted nearby. They can also come in handy. Take the cassette from the ghettoblaster and stick a pencil in it, then insert it back into the ghettoblaster. Listen to the recording. Insert the batteries into the remote control and use it to configure the computer. Select the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Take the module Treasure Loot Terry and go back up. Visit Ursula in the sex shop and take the Fuck-o-Matic suit.

Use Prune employee privileges and buy a rainbow chignon, watermelon and cabbage. Proceed to the gym. Give Steven a visitor card, which will appear in the inventory after your time in jail, and he will give you a special gift for club members. Talk to Diana and take the White Wash Cream on the table.

Diana will put you up for a challenge.

Reminder Successfully Set!

In the inventory, click on the Fuck-o-Matic and on the hand from Hell's Pawn, and use the resulting mechanism on the punching bag. Now chat with Lance. Show him the inflatable woman, the poster of Lady Gag and the strawberry penis. Talk to Dick near Salon du Lazard. Find the ring that Dick presented to Lance in a pile of garbage and planks on Pier 69, just beyond the sunset panorama. Talk to Diana at the amusement rides and apply the plunger to the hammer machine.

Return the ring to Lance and give him the bottle of champagne.

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He will ask to organize a wedding. Take the protein supplement powder from Steven. You will end up with a white Moose Head. Soak the napkins in the cocktail. Go to the laundry room and replace a part of the pipe. Turn the lever, the valve and the lever again.

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  • Throw cabbage, cucumber and soybeans with protein powder from inventory into the washing machine. Go to the bar and click on the thermomug. Advertisement Hide. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Barrett, D. Google Scholar. Bartlett, F. London: Cambridge University Press. Dement, W. Some must watch while some must sleep. Hartmann, E. Dreams and nightmares. New York: Plenum.

    Kedrov, B. To the mother-in-law who got her widowed daughter-in-law remarried.

    Instructions for a Second-Hand Heart by Tamsyn Murray | thebookactivist

    Are you a virgin? Not all winners deserve the trophy. A close encounter with death. My husband's unfulfilled sexual fantasies are creating problems. I am a divorcee and in love with a younger man. My friend's husband flirts with me.

    Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

    Shall I tell her about this? My wife gets very violent during fights. Please help! My mother does not want me to be in a live-in relationship. My girlfriend's parents are against intercaste marriage. Top 10 dreams and their meanings Share this on: Facebook Twitter Pintrest.

    Count: We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Top 10 dreams and their meanings. Vaibhav Choudhary. Created: May 10, , IST. Dreams have always been a mystery to us. The Association for the Study of Dreams has revealed that the majority of us have dreams with similar themes, and it is possible to gain better health mental and physical , entertainment and even financial gains from such dreams.

    A well known American psychic, Edgar Cayce claimed that through dreaming, people gain access to their spirit and all possible questions are answered by our inner conscience. Some dream interpretations are strange, while others are pretty understandable. We bring you ten most commonly experienced dreams to help you interpret their meaning within the context of your own life. Illness or dying Description : A dream death is a moderately common nightmare and it involves deaths of famous people, your parents or children, a lover or even yourself.

    Occasionally, it occurs during the onset of an illness. According to American psychic Edgar Cayce, when you dream about the accidental death of any person, that person's death symbolizes something in you that is no longer functioning. Manish Kumar, a senior engineer says, "I usually dream of goons breaking into my house and shooting at my father.

    I'm the only one who witnesses this in the dream". Missed a train, bus, boat or plane Description: In this type of dream you are rushing to catch a bus, train, plane or other type of public transport, but you miss it generally by a fraction of a second.